Your Trusted Partner In Healthcare Mobility

Reliable On-Time Transportation

We hold ourselves accountable and inspire to provide a service above industry standards and offer discounts/credits in the rare case we do not meet them.

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Proprietary Transportation Solutions

GoRide uses dynamic routing, scheduling, and dispatching software to optimize NEMT operations in real-time.

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Powerful Healthcare Analytics

Data-driven insights. Our predictive analytics platform helps healthcare providers determine what options are available to serve at-risk populations.

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Our Mission

Mobility: A Basic Human Right

Our mission is simple – to provide mobility and independence with dignity to individuals who are elderly, ill or living with disabilities. It’s more than providing transportation from here to there. It’s about going the extra mile to make sure every person regardless of age or ability has a reliable, comfortable and affordable way to be proactive in their health care.

Our Service Area

Our service area is always expanding!
Please call us to verify coverage in your area.